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AIEVE Kitchen Appliance Sliders – Easy Moving & Saving Space – 8Pcs Adhesive Magic Telfon Self Stick Sliders Compatible with Most Coffee Makers, Air Fryers, Pressure Cooker, Blenders and More (DIY)

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(as of Feb 18,2022 10:36:24 UTC – Details)

Product Description

AIEVE Sliding TrayAIEVE Sliding Tray

AIEVE Sliding TrayAIEVE Sliding Tray


Applied to
Compatible with KitchenAid 4-1/2-quart and 5-quart Stand Mixer Compatible with Ninja Foodi Air Fryer, Coffee Maker, Blender Compatible with Most Coffee Makers, Air Fryers, Pressure Cooker, Blenders, Stand Mixers Compatible with Ninja Foodi SP101 SP201 SP301 Ninja Air Fry Oven Toaster Oven Microwave Bottom of Gas & Electric Oven Compatible with Ninja DZ201 Air Fryer Ninja DZ401 XL Air Fryer


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DIY Kitchen Appliance Sliders: Stick the sliders around the bottom of the appliance firmly or attach on a wooden broad. It can not only increase the height so that the bottom of the machine does not touch water, but also allow the machine to be pushed, dragged and even rotated.(Note: After installation, let it stand for 14 hours, the viscosity will reach the best. And the included transparent mat is to increase the height and stickiness)
Saving Space & Protect Machines: The AIEVE Sliders can easily bear heavy household appliances, and prevent kitchen workbenches from scratches, thereby prolonging the service life of kitchen work benches and machines. When your Ninja airfryers or other machines need space to heat radiating, it can makes it easy to moving and saving precious counter space.
More Practical than Trays and Mats: Easily push the machine back to the corner of the work bench without worrying about wasting expensive sliding trays due to damage to the pulleys and will not take up extra place. Compared with sliding mat, it is cost-effective and suit for any appliances with its DIY feature.
Suitable for Most Countertops: The slider is made of PTFE (Teflon) with a self-adhesive pad, and the surface is smooth and easy to move. It is suitable for wood, tile, marble, cloth mat or towel. Your airfryer can easily slide on the table without leaving marks or making unnecessary noises.
Wide Range of Uses: AIEVE durable self-adhesive durable household machine slider, with strong adhesion, can easily adhere to glass, wood, metal, plastic, widely used in heavy household appliances, such as airfryers, pressure cooker, coffee makers, blenders, cooking machines, bread machine etc. And it can also be used on other appliances, such as computer monitors, stools, chairs and cabinets, to facilitate movement without damaging the floor.



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