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Ludwig 5 Piece Accent Drive Drum Set with Hardware & Cymbals

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Price: $599.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 11:56:34 UTC – Details)

The Ludwig Accent Drive 5 Piece Complete Drum Set is a new all-inclusive drum set designed for the beginning drummer. The Accent series upgrades include Micro classic lugs and contemporary drum sizes. Features 22 Bass Drum 10, 12, 16 Toms 14 Snare Drum 13 Hi-Hats & 16 Crash Included All Hardware Included
The drum set features 13″ hi-hats, 16″ crash/ride cymbal, 16 x 22″ bass drum, 9 x12″ and 8 x 10″ mounted toms, a 16 x 16″ floor tom, and a 6.5 x 14″ wood snare.
The Accent series upgrades include micro classic lugs and Ludwig 200 series hardware. The geared, locking, and double-braced hardware includes a bass pedal, snare stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, and drum throne. And even the drum sticks
Accent’s upgraded features create a solid foundation for a lifetime of drumming.
Delivering everything the new player needs to get started, Accent does it all, and at an affordable price.
New Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Piece Complete Drum Set with Silver Sparkle Finish
Ludwig 200 Series Hardware includes a Bass Pedal, Snare Stand, Cymbal Stand, Hi Hat Stand, Drum Throne, 2 Post Style Tom Holders, Telescoping Kick Spurs, Floor Tom Brackets & Legs, 8 Twin Lugs



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